Legacy Liabilities

Although the State of Connecticut (“Connecticut”, “CT” or the “State”) is one of the wealthiest states in the United States, it faces significant fiscal challenges due to the high cost of servicing legacy liabilities, which have placed pressure on the State’s credit ratings. Click here to view the presentation prepared by Millstein & Co. .

The Budget

Jim Smith presents an overview on Connecticut's budget crisis at the inaugural meeting for the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth. Click here to view. 

Economic Growth

Jim Loree offers key strategies and data on the state of Connecticut's economy. Click here to view the entire presentation from the Commission's January 31st meeting. 

Fiscal Stability

Bob Patricelli and Jim Smith present key objectives and goals for longterm fiscal stability and opportunities for economic growth. Click here to view the presentation from the Commission's January 31st meeting. Click to listen to the full meeting.  


Jim Loree provides a reality based perspective on the current state of Connecticut's competitiveness and the commission's vision on how it can be restored. View his presentation here. 


Connecticut has a number of opportunities for reviving economic growth and renewing fiscal stability. View presentation here.